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Success Mindset | Jordan Ferdinands

By: Alex Nikotina

Published On: November 2, 2016

It is said that to become successful, you need to start thinking like a successful person. Jordan Ferdinands is a great example of that. His openness to learning and desire to impact people has helped him gain recognition as a Financial Adviser.


Having the Right Mindset

A graduate of a business program, Jordan knew what he wanted his future career to look like long before convocation. “I have always been interested in business and entrepreneurship,” shares Jordan. “I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and I wanted my work to be rewarding. Financial planning seemed like a great fit in my case.”

“I wanted to be able to have more control over my time and my work schedule. A business degree was a start, but I knew it was not enough to become successful in business or finance.”

Jordan knew that in order to succeed, he needed to make connections and find mentors within the industry he was aspiring to get into. “I was excited to learn from the experts in the field,” says Jordan. “And I happened to find a mentor, Nadir Jaffer, who has done really well in the industry.”

Jordan’s openness to learning and growth was the defining factor in getting his foot in the door of the financial services industry. “Me and Nadir had similar mindset, values and views on business practices,” shares Jordan. “I am truly happy that Nadir was able to give me an opportunity to work with BC Financial Solutions, an organization where I am still working today.”

Continuing to Grow

Having worked with BC Financial Solutions for a few years, Jordan decided to focus on expanding his credentials. “I’ve gotten some experience in the field, but I always knew I would need to expand my knowledge and expertise even more.”

Aspired to continue his growth, Jordan decided to pursue his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation and took a CFP program at Ashton College. “My instructor, Becky Wong, has previously done corporate training in my office, so I knew I would get quality education at Ashton – and I wasn’t disappointed.”

Jordan was very happy to have completed his CFP designation.

“It is a great designation to have when you want to be taken seriously in the financial services industry, especially when you are a younger adviser” shares Jordan. “But even more valuable was the opportunity to learn and get a well-rounded overview of the industry.”

“Becky was great: she kept everyone on-track and focused,” says Jordan. “I have definitely learned a lot in the program, and I felt prepared for the exam.” And indeed, Jordan was able to pass his CFP exam from the first try.

Successful Career

Currently, Jordan works as a Financial Adviser, helping clients with planning, investments and insurance needs. “My role is very diverse,” says Jordan, smiling. “But the highlight of my day is always meeting with the clients. I do everything from analyzing their goals and seeing what’s important to them, to going over different financial options and giving recommendations based on their needs.”

Despite his success in the industry, Jordan stays humble. “My greatest source of satisfaction is helping the clients achieve their financial goals.”

“People often come in to my office very overwhelmed with all the things they need to take care of, not knowing where to start. Seeing the relief on their faces after I’ve helped them sort their priorities and map off the plan is the best reward for me.”

“Once they buy that house they wanted, or enjoy their retirement, I have a sense of a job well done,” he adds.

Thinking about the future, Jordan is focused on continuing learning and growing within the industry. “I would like to expand my client base and continue to help people the best I can,” he says simply. “That’s my biggest goal. I know that to achieve that I will need to stay on top of my education and get more designations, and I am excited to do so in the near future.”

Let’s wish Jordan all the best in his career journey!


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  1. Brenda Pearson says:

    Best Wishes to you in your new career Jordan! Hard to believe that’s a picture of the same little boy who grew up down the street.

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