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STUDENT ADMIN – Credential Release Form

Credential Release Form

  • This form allows Ashton College to finalize and release official transcript and Diploma or Certificate following your successful program completion. This form confirms the spelling of your legal name and address for your Diploma or Certificate.

    Please Note: Diplomas or Certificates are only issued bi-yearly (twice yearly) after our graduation event.

    All fields are required.

  • Release of Official Transcript

  • WHEN:

    3 weeks following the official end date of the program.


    The graduating student is entitled to one (1) Official Transcript. An additional copy can be supplied for the following fees (tax included):

    $16.80 - Regular processing; $26.80 - Rush processing.

    Please contact Student Services to obtain the Requisition form.

  • Release of Official Diploma or Certificate

  • You are required to complete this form to receive your Diploma or Certificate.


    Disclaimer: Due to the volume of graduating students, Diplomas/Certificates with the mail option chosen will be mailed within 2 months of your graduation date.

  • Student Information

  • Please print clearly your legal name as you would like it to appear on your Official Transcript and Diploma or Certificate.


    By checking the box above and submitting this form, I hereby authorize Ashton College to release my information for the purpose of acquiring student membership or student participation in any of Ashton College’s Educational Partners for the purpose of securing external certifications, academic/professional designations, and/or examination permit(s) on my behalf:

    • Student Academic Records
    • Copies of Transcripts, Diplomas, Certificates
    • Other (Letters of confirmation)

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