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Software Solution For Immigration Consulting Business

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: November 2, 2018

Starting their own business may seem challenging for the recently-graduated immigration consultants. With so many things to remember, organize and keep track of, it comes as no surprise that opening a new immigration practice makes the heads of the consultants spin. Luckily, there is a software solution that was designed specifically to simplify the entrepreneurs’ experience and help them launch their business in no time., Canada’s premier immigration software, provides immigration consultants with a cloud-based solution that helps them automate all aspects of their immigration businesses. With this all-in-one solution, immigration consultants can start running their businesses the very same day they start using the platform.

With built-in assessment and intake questionnaires, appointment schedulers, billing and payments processing to even providing the latest immigration forms, cloud-based solution is making it easier for consultants to manage their clients from virtually anywhere in the world. This could become a powerful tool for the new graduates of the immigration consultant’s program.

How they got started was founded by Orane Cole who discovered the need to automate the immigration process based on his personal experience of dealing with an immigration consultant in 2016.

With his background in software engineering, Orane noticed that a lot of the processes his immigration consultant had in place to manage the clients’ records were handled manually. This observation encouraged Orane to look for a more efficient way of getting things done and to develop useful and easy-to-use tools for the immigration consultants and lawyers.

After the detailed discussion with his own immigration consultant, Orane began to build an online platform that would help automate the various tasks immigration professionals were carrying out on a daily basis. This led to the platform that is known today for making immigration consultants’ lives easier by simplifying the complexities in managing a consulting practice and helping to increase revenues.

Message from the Founder & CEO

“We are making it easier for new graduates to get their immigration businesses started. Our solution aligns consultants with ICCRC regulatory requirements by providing a Client File Management system that adheres to their standards, giving consultants the peace of mind to run their businesses effectively.

We look forward to supporting the Ashton College graduates in their new venture of Immigration Consulting by providing them with the very best software tools and customer service.”

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to for sponsoring 2018 Ashton College Graduation Ceremony.


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    Really Nice information shared here for all over information about immigration CRM software. Users can get enough information from here. Helpful information posted. Thanks for posting…!

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