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Seeking a New Quality of Life | Harmeet Kaur

By: Thalita Villani

Published On: July 31, 2016

A post graduate in Public Administration, Harmeet Kaur used to work for the banking industry and also owned her own business in India. Looking for a better quality of life abroad, Harmeet immigrated to Canada two years ago with her husband and two children.

“I knew that I’d miss many things about India, especially my family and friends, but I needed to do something to give my children a better future” she says. When asked what appealed to her about Canada, Harmeet pointed to the fabric of multiculturalism as one of the factors.

Harmeet 2“Canada is always very open to people from different countries and it welcomes multiculturalism. This gives me a sense of security when I am away from my country. Now that I’m here I know that I made the right choice; Canadian community has never made me or my family feel out of place. Indian festivals are celebrated with such enthusiasm in Canada that we feel like we never left home at all.”

Upon arrival in Vancouver, Harmeet landed a contract with the Canada Revenue Agency where she was able to utilize her considerable experience in banking. But as much as she enjoyed working for the CRA, she knew that it was temporary at best, and that she needed to pursue a more permanent career in her new country. Coming to Canada, Harmeet knew that she would face challenges in essentially starting her life and career from scratch and that with her family in tow, she had a big responsibility to fill.

“The thing I was most concerned about was taking care of my children while working or studying full time” she says. “But I was determined to give them the best life possible.”

This determination to provide for her family proved the impetus for Harmeet’s search for online studies and it was through her search that she discovered Ashton College. “When I found out that Ashton offered several programs online I realized that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for,” says Harmeet. “The programs are very well designed and the best part is that if you can’t attend in person they also offer webinars so you can learn whenever you want to.”

Today, Harmeet is enrolled in a full time online Immigration Consultant Diploma program that gives her the knowledge and support she needs to pursue the career that she wants.

“The program is giving me a broader outlook into the market as well as the avenues by which we can enhance relationships between classmates and instructors. All the instructors who are part of this course are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in providing relevant information regarding the immigration industry. I’m really proud of my work and grateful for what I found here.”

Regarding her future, Harmeet visualizes herself as a professional immigration consultant in line with the instructors for the program at Ashton. “My advice for students considering the program is to take in everything that the instructors have to offer you. The college has an amazing administration and staff too. Everyone is there to help you along your journey.”


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