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Secure Jobs You Can Land with Security+ Certification

By: CJ McGillivray

Published On: August 5, 2021

Secure Jobs You Can Land with Security+ Certification

The cybersecurity industry is a constantly evolving and stimulating sector to work in. With the global talent shortage, there are so many opportunities to pivot your training find meaningful career options that align with your interests and expertise. Perhaps you are in the beginning stages of your cybersecurity career or are aiming for an exciting promotion. Maybe you are looking to add some formal education to your practical experience so that your resume catches more eyes. What should your next move be? Should you look into online cybersecurity courses? The most logical and beneficial choice is to invest in your ongoing continuing education through the highly respected CompTIA security+ certification training. This fundamental training equips you to succeed in a number of dynamic roles. 

Excellent Job Opportunities 

Your training focuses specifically on understanding and responding to threats or vulnerabilities within an organization. Once you complete your certification training, you will be fully prepared to take on the role of a security administrator, consultant, engineer or specialist. 

  • Security administrators are typically responsible for configuring security tools for maximum effectiveness and troubleshooting problems as they arise 
  • Security consultants offer their expertise by assessing current client or company protocols 
  • Security engineers usually execute and monitor the current security protocols for company computers and the company network 
  • Security specialists identity threats and potential weaknesses within an organization 

You will also develop an understanding of security architecture and design, which will be highly beneficial should you pursue an administrator role handling systems, networks or general cybersecurity. 

  • Systems administrators are in charge of the maintenance and configuration of all the computer systems utilized by an organization while also handling service capacity, traffic and content delivery 
  • Network administrators work with hardware and software to ensure the reliability of daily network operations and communication systems 

Do you enjoy risk assessment? Do you naturally identify potential challenges or pain points in systems? Your security+ training will also equip you to plan simulated security threats and test out the current protections of your client or organization. Expertise in penetration testing will be particularly useful if you want to work in the public sector or for a healthcare organization or financial institution, since these groups are some of the most likely targets for cybercrime. 

  • Penetration testers play a dynamic role in the strength of any cybersecurity plan by sleuthing out weaknesses and identifying problem areas 

Each of the above career options aligns perfectly with your security+ training. The certification equips you with the core knowledge that employers expect and will help you stand out from the crowd. You will have a better understanding of effective incident response procedures and best practices for handling common threats and vulnerabilities.  

Endless Possibilities 

Do you have a secondary passion for science and technology or perhaps arts and culture? Dream about working for the military or for a leading property management company? Cybersecurity expertise is relevant in any industry. Once you have your certification training, you can search out job postings for any of the above roles in whichever industry inspires you. You can also consider the scale of your company and whether you would prefer working for a large or small organization. Before you plan your next interview, be sure to review our previous blog on how to get hired in the cybersecurity industry and then review the most common cybersecurity interview questions so you are fully prepared. 

Keep your eyes on the future. Cybersecurity is always changing and you will need to stay informed to get ahead. Consider joining online cyberescurity communities to build your network and connect with other ambitious professionals in the industry. 


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