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Second Annual Family Day

Published On: February 7, 2014

While the rest of Canada is celebrating Family Day on February 17, 2014, the residents of British Columbia are being treated to an earlier long weekend. This year BC’s Family Day is on Monday, February 10, 2014.

Introduced in 2013 by Premier Christy Clark, Family Day is a relatively new holiday for the province. British Columbia opted to host Family Day on the second Monday of February after residents were asked to vote in an online poll. Conversely, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario all celebrate on the third Monday each February.

Family day was established as a way to give people a holiday during the long stretch between Christmas and Easter.

Since the February holiday has been established at the provincial level, federal employees are still required to report to work. That means federal offices such as Passport Canada and Crown corporations like Canada Post will be operating. Many other businesses will likely be closed, however.

As it stands, two-thirds of the country celebrates Family Day with Nova Scotia expected to pass legislation to observe the holiday in early 2015.

While some retailers and schools will be closed this Monday, there are still a plethora of fun activities to do around the province.

These family orientated events include activates like a free-skate at Robson Square, free admission for children 12 and younger at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the 6th Annual Children’s Art Festival in Richmond, BC. You can find a list of activities happening across the province here.



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