Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) For Immigration Practitioners

Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) FOR IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONERS

Virtual CPDs

In order to stay a member in good standing with their respective regulatory bodies, professionals in Canada are required to complete a specific number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. In most industries, CPD is the term used for the process of continually improving your knowledge and skills. This allows you to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies in your field. You can also use CPD activities to develop your personal skills, grow professionally, and take steps towards advancing your career.

At Ashton College, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just the required Continuing Professional Development hours. Our events feature speakers who are leaders in their fields and provide valuable, informative content that helps professionals stay ahead of current trends. Our CPD events are tailored to meet the needs of working professionals, with content that is engaging and relevant.

Currently, Ashton College offers CPD Seminars through high-quality, interactive online platforms. Our immersive seminars are delivered LIVE online and allow you to connect to the speaker and your fellow attendees for a rich learning experience.

You will learn more and benefit from hearing about relevant and up-to-date topics from distinguished experts. All of the seminar topics are broad so that the speaker can talk about issues that are important to you and your career, no matter what stage you are at in your professional journey. For a list of other resources, please visit our Immigration Practitioners Centre.


2023 Upcoming CPD Events

January 19, 2023: The Ps: Policies, Processes, Portals, and Professionalism

During this online event, our expert panel will discuss updates to working without a work permit and Family Class policy processing. Portal processing, professionalism, and starting your business will also be discussed.

Event Speakers:

  • Ron McKay
  • Mario Bellissimo
  • Steven Meurrens
  • Ooma Ramroop
  • Marina Snyder
  • Katie Laughlin
For event details, speaker biographies, and upcoming registration for the CPD, click here.

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