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Red Seal Dozers are High in Demand Right Now. How Does it Impact You?

By: Ashton College

Published On: June 29, 2020

Browse through online job finding portals and you’ll quickly realize one thing: there’s no shortage of work for Red Seal heavy equipment operators at the moment. 

If this sounds like the career tip or job opportunity you’ve been hoping for, keep reading. We’ll share all the important information about this niche so you can make an informed decision about your next steps. 

Red Seal Dozers Defined

The correct way to refer to a Red Seal dozer is to say that the individual is Red Seal endorsed. It means you’re so good at your trade of operating bulldozers and other large equipment, that the most respected entity for tradespeople in Canada approves of your skillset. It’s the interprovincial standard in Canada, also simply referred to as the Red Seal.

If you’re recognized as a Red Seal Dozer, you’ve passed the Red Seal exam. The certification is proof that you have both practical and theoretical knowledge at a certain level in terms of operating heavy equipment. 

Note that simply because you’ve passed a Red Seal exam you aren’t eligible to claim that certification for all trades. There are different Red Seal exams for a variety of tradespeople and Red Seal Dozers have passed the test for this niche specifically. 

Why is the Red Seal so Important? 

You can be a dozer in many contexts in Canada, but if your goal is to be the best you can possibly be, being a Red Seal Dozer should be part of your career plan. 

4 Benefits for Red Seal Dozers

Dozers that also have their Red Seal endorsement have the following benefits:

  • You’re more likely to get work
  • You can work anywhere in Canada, from British Columbia to Ontario and Prince Edward Island
  • International employers may also recognize your skill
  • You can charge higher rates

While there’s so much demand for Red Seal dozers on the current market, it makes sense to join this illustrious group of workers so you can enjoy these benefits too.

Current Trends in the Industry

It’s already good news that there is a surge in demand for Red Seal dozers on construction sites and for conversion work. It’s even more interesting when you get into the specifics of employers’ expectations. 

Because technology advanced, equipment has more features and dozers can deliver a better-quality final product while operating at higher productivity levels. Now, apart from simply using heavy equipment to move earth and rubble, you may be expected to perform more precision work. This means your days won’t be boring at all. 

How to Benefit from the High Demand

Now, how do you get in on the action?

Assess Yourself

It may be a wise start to be honest about your current skills. Before you sit for the Red Seal exam you must already have some experience in this field.

Also, Red Seal dozers require a unique set of talents to pass the test and keep on performing well. It’s imperative that you have good hand-eye coordination so you can act appropriately in an emergency situation, without hurting anyone or damaging any equipment. 

It helps if you’re naturally cautious in order to ensure a safe working environment, because safety is becoming more and more of a priority. Lastly, if you love working on mechanical components, you’ll love this career decision!

Get Yourself Certified

If you think you have the correct natural skill, find help to pass the exam. This is a task that Ashton College is already renowed for, since we provide Red Seal programs for a wide variety of trades. We help you prepare so you get it right the first time with Live Online training. 

Are There Prerequisites to Doing a Red Seal Program?

Not just anyone can sit for the Red Seal exam. You have to obtain approval to challenge the exam. You’ll need a certain number of hours of work experience in the specific trade as a dozer and proving your competency is essential. 

What Does the Course and Exam Entail? 

Your Red Seal program at Ashton College will take nine weeks during which you’ll have the benefit of weekly live online instruction. On a job site you’ll have your responsibilities, but teamwork is often essential too. In the course, Ashton includes both group activities and projects that you have to manage on your own. This prepares you for the real-life application of your skills. 

Tools and equipment that relate to this exam include:

  • Power tools
  • Measuring equipment
  • Items for rigging and lifting
  • Safety equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Attachments

The test will cover practical aspects of the following categories: 

  • Using as well as maintenance of tools
  • Can you maintain a safe work zone?
  • How do you organize work?
  • How do you perform inspections and scheduled maintenance?
  • The functions of a heavy equipment operator
  • Operating dozers
  • Transporting of equipment

As you can see it’s quite a comprehensive list! Don’t let this overwhelm you. Rather, enjoy the confidence you get once you have your Red Seal endorsement in hand. Confidence often leads to better quality work and higher productivity. Just another reason why employers prefer Red Seal dozers to any other equipment operator. 

Share Your Certification EVERYWHERE

Once you have your certification in place, immediately add it to your resume. Employers know the high standards of Red Seal certification, so they know you’ll be worth trusting for their next job.

Final Thoughts 

Currently there are many job opportunities for Red Seal dozers. The harsh reality is that it will take hard work over the next two months to obtain that recommendation. But with the assistance of a reputable institution such as Ashton College that prepares you for the test, you can enjoy your share of work sooner than you think.

Talk to the Ashton College team to get the process started.  

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