Residential School System in Canada (Live Online)

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In this course, students will analyze the history of the residential school system in Canada. Students will become familiar with terms relating to residential schools and the forms of segregation, isolation and abuse that took place in residential schools. This course will examine the involvement of the Canadian government and the various churches that created and implemented the framework for residential schools, as well as the church-government relationship. Students will gain an appreciation for Indigenous culture in comparison to the vastly different teachings and structure of residential school education. The impact of residential schools is seen today generations after the last residential school shut down, and this course will look at some of the initiatives in reconciliation that are happening currently.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to understand:

  • Explain the history of residential schools
  • Identify the Canadian government’s mission when creating residential schools and their reasonings for targeting Indigenous children
  • Define colonization, assimilation and aggressive civilization
  • Explain the mechanisms used to remove language, culture and beliefs
  • Explain the history of Catholic missionary boarding schools and the funding from the government to run them
  • Identify the churches that partnered with the Canadian government to run the residential schools
  • Differentiate between the missions of the government and the mission of the churches in residential schools
  • Compare the themes in Indigenous cultural teachings and the themes in the limited education received in residential schools
  • Determine the legislation that permitted assimilation
  • Discuss the Indian Act and the stipulation making residential schools mandatory
  • Identify the punishments on parents who tried to protect their kids from residential schools
  • Outline the ways in which Indigenous culture was stripped from children in residential schools.
  • Describe the harmful conditions of residential schools and the abuse that took place in these institutions
  • Identify the approximate number of Indigenous children who attended residential schools, the fatalities throughout their time running and the recent uncovering of mass grave sites
  • Identify the lifelong impacts on residential school survivors and their family members, including psychological trauma and intergenerational trauma
  • Discuss the programs and initiatives currently in place today to begin the process of healing and reconciliation


  • Dates to be announced

Required Materials

  • Residential Schools: Righting Canada’s Wrongs. Author: Melanie Florence. Publisher: James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers, July 2021. ISBN-13:9781459416611.


  • The registration fee for this course is $195.

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