Autism and ABA Therapy (Live Online)

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    33 hours

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Part Time: May 4, 2021 – July 13, 2021

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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a system of autism treatment based on behaviourist theories which states that desired behaviours can be taught through a system of rewards and consequences. ABA can be thought of as applying behavioural principles to behavioural goals and carefully measuring the results.

Students will learn about the neurodevelopmental and behavioural aspects of people with autism spectrum disorder. Students will learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnostics tools, research-based interventions, and will cover autism spectrum disorder from birth to adulthood.

Topics Covered/Learning Objectives

Upon completion of Autism and ABA Therapy course, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Explain the DSM-V criteria for ASD
  • Discuss the range of deficits seen in people with ASD
  • Apply evidence-based practices to assist students
  • Apply Discrete Trial Training procedures
  • Explain what sensory impairments are and their characteristics
  • Develop social stories and a picture exchange communication binder
  • Explain the role of autism centres in Canada
  • Describe the basic theory behind applied behaviour analysis
  • Identify a target behaviour for modification
  • List and describe behavioural assessments, graphing and data analysis
  • Describe the options to increase or decrease the frequency of behaviours
Program Organization # of Hours*
1. Autism Characteristics and the DSM-V 3
2. Sensory Processing Impairments 3
3. Communication and Social Stories 3
4. Responsible Use of ABA 3
5. Data Collection 3
6. The Function of Behaviour and Behavioural Objectives 3
7. Tool Box Building: Increasing Appropriate Behaviours 3
8. Tool Box Cleanup: Decreasing Challenging Behaviours 3
9. Generalization and Maintenance 3
10. Teaching Students to Manage Their Own Behaviour 3
11. Putting it All Together 3


Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams has had the honour of working in the human services field in different capacities for over 30 years, from assisting adults with developmental disabilities to live their lives more fully to working within classroom environments. Teaching has been a natural progression from her passion for helping people reach their potential. In 2001, she began working with private post-secondary schools, developing programs and instructing students. Her career has been centred in the field of special needs. Her roles in this field have provided her with experience and insight into the BC school system and the needs of students. She is a lifelong learner and continues to take courses, attend conventions and workshops to continue her professional development so that students always receive the best of her. She believes that an instructor is morally obligated to enter the classroom with only the highest expectations for each and every one of her students.

*Subject to change without notice


Live Online

Part Time:

  • May 4, 2021 – July 13, 2021
    • Students must devote at least 3 hours per week to attend live webinars
    • Webinars will be held on Tuesdays from 5:00 to 8:00 pm PST
    • Outside of live instructional periods, students will be expected to take part in various independent and/or group activities

Required Materials

No books are required. Some specific readings will be suggested for students and will be made available online.


The registration fee for this course is $570.

Technical Requirements

Live Online Students

Ashton College uses web conferencing tools to help instructors and students connect and collaborate live online. For the online classes, students need to have a fully functional computer system with a webcam, speakers and microphone or headset and headphones, along with a reliable high-speed internet connection. Though the classes can be accessed using smartphones and tablets, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for a better learning experience.

This course does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. As such, it was not reviewed.

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