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CFP® Financial Planning

Financial planners have a strong propensity toward economics, numeric analysis and strategizing, and they find reaching monetary goals gratifying.

As a CFP®, you will help clients identify their financial needs and objectives, provide appropriate investment strategies for their retirement and estate planning goals, and offer sound insurance and taxation advice.

With Ashton College’s Certified Financial Planner program, you will gain the skills required to step into this dynamic career and put your natural born talents to work.

cfp_pathway 2014Career Opportunities

Financial planners primarily work in banks, investment companies, government agencies or as independent consultants as:

  • Financial analysts, planners & managers
  • Finance or mortgage underwriters
  • Risk analysts or advisers

CFP® Partners

The CFP® programs at Ashton are FPSC-accredited and delivered in partnership with Advocis – the Financial Advisors Association of Canada.


Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® – Core Curriculum

The CFP or Certified Financial Planner program is the first step towards CFP certification with the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), and consists of the four Core Curriculum courses – CFP 01, CFP 02, CFP 03 and CFP 04. Read More »

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® – Capstone Course

Following completion of the Core Curriculum and passing the Financial Planning Examination Level 1, enrol in the CFP Capstone course and continue to build on your technical knowledge. Read More »

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® – FastTrack Program

For students who want to spend less time in the classroom, we offer the accelerated CFP FastTrack program – which delivers the Core Curriculum in less time. Read More »

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