11 thoughts on “Preparing for the ICCRC Full Skills Exam

  1. I am interested. Could you send me please more information and cost?
    I am Canadian Citizen and I speak English and Spanish.

  2. Hi,
    I am wondering about ICCRC certification eligibility requirement including Fee etc.
    Also need to know IELTS score requirement?

    • Hi Abdul,

      Thanks for your message. Our Program Adviser Perry Gross will be able to provide you with more information about the Full Skills Exam with ICCRC. You can reach him at pgross@ashtoncollege.ca or at 604-628-5784.

      Good luck!

  3. Hello,

    What is the minimum score (Minimum grade, is it 65 % or 70 % on IMCD) required for IMCD to write the FSE to become immigration consultant.


  4. Hi, I would like to join the full skills exam prep course Please send me the details as I need to register

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