6 thoughts on “How to prepare for CELPIP – Tips from first-hand experience

  1. I have 7 on speaking and writing in CELPIP while I am doing quite well in the other two sections in CELPIP. I am thinking whether I should try IELTS this time or just CELPIP again?

  2. Hi there!

    Just wondering, do you know how the final CELPIP score is calculated, through all the sections? Are they weighted? Asking for students.



    • Hi Alex,

      It really depends on your experiences and confidence, as well as on the desired score. Learning more about CELPIP format and focus can help you avoid having to write the test several times. It is especially helpful to understand the expectations of the writing and speaking components, as those are graded based on specific criteria that you could miss if you are not familiar with them.

      If you are aiming for CLB 10-12 in all CELPIP components, it would be beneficial for you to go through preparation materials and/or take a prep course. Prep courses offer lots of practice opportunities and are designed for students of all levels.

      Hope this helps!

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