Hidiq, Al Lulwa

Hidiq, Al Lulwa

Lulwa Al Hidiq is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a full licensee of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) since 2013. She is also a past Certified Public Accountant from the California Board of Accountancy (not currently designated) with over ten years of Canadian and Global professional experience in public accounting in multi-national firms such as KPMG, PWC, and EY. She is the Senior Partner and Founder of Altoria Immigration and Business Consulting Inc, located in Toronto. She is also a past Chair of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), a national organization with over 5,000 licensees, whose mission is to lead, connect, protect, and develop the profession, serving the best interests of its members with a focus on advocacy, lobbying, and education.

Her practice focuses on a variety of areas such as, but not restricted to economic class immigration, business immigration, and family class but refugees, humanitarian applications, and litigation at the IRB are her specialty with a focus on more complex cases. Concurrently, at CAPIC, Lulwa has and continues to work together with other senior colleagues on many projects in the industry from advocating for proper regulation within the industry, to striving toward Federal Statute, or to looking for fair and balanced treatment from the Government. She has also been a lead presenter and planner for CAPIC's National Conference and has also been involved with events at the local level. Lulwa is also a mentor to other immigration consultants, patiently teaching and guiding.

Lulwa is passionate about advocacy and as a past immigrant herself, she truly understands the challenges of immigration and the importance of sound counsel. Lulwa and her team at Altoria always give back to their community and have helped resettle many refugees and are proud of their commitment to helping support those in need.

Lulwa speaks English and Arabic fluently and some French and Greek. While her French and Greek are not as fluent, they are enough to establish a warm connection with individuals from those ethnic groups. As a result of Lulwa's global connections, she is frequently involved in fundraising activities and her services are sought after because of her professionalism, trust, and sincerity in her dealings.

Lulwa is also a mom to three children and two cats and loves to travel and explore with her family.

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