Dr. Smita Akale

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Dr. Smita Akale

Dr. Smita Akale has an impressive educational background that includes a bachelor’s degree in Medicine, M.D in Psychiatry, M.Sc. in Psychotherapy and Counselling and Masters in Public Health from Oxford Brookes University, UK. In addition to this, she also has several certifications from reputed institutions including Stanford University School of Medicine.

She has practiced for 14+ years in various settings ranging from a clinic to a multispeciality hospital in India and has experience working with different age groups. Her specialty lies in understanding people and managing all kinds of situations with a smile.
A polyglot who is fluent in English, Marathi, Hindi, and Kannada. She has been involved in developing training modules and programs and has conducted various training, workshops, and seminars for students, teachers, and parents. Dr. Smita is an educator who applies both her clinical experience and academic skills to help students flourish.

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