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Pavel Turban: “What I like about my profession is seeing that I really make a positive change in people’s lives.”

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: February 12, 2020

Unlike many other students of Ashton College, who take an Immigration Consultant Diploma program, Pavel Turban was not new to the immigration field. Before coming to Canada he managed his own student recruitment agency in Europe, and after moving to the new country he decided to follow the same career path. To become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Pavel needed to study the immigration law and policies and to pass the licence exam. Pavel made a well-grounded choice in favour of Ashton College to help him set up for the journey towards career success.

During his studies, Pavel enjoyed interacting with experienced instructors who were running their own immigration businesses and shared real-life examples in class. He appreciated the supportive environment of the College, and an opportunity to stay in touch with the instructors and seek their professional advice even after graduation and starting his own company. Currently, Pavel is the Founder & Senior RCIC of International Experience Club ltd., one of the top student recruitment agencies in Canada, and he’s looking forward to reaching new heights.

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