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Nicole Erakovic: “I could help children achieve various milestones and overcome challenges in their lives.”

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: April 14, 2020

Education assistants play a crucial role in enabling children with special needs to access learning opportunities and improve their lives. People have various pathways into this profession, one of them is offered at Ashton College through education assistant courses. We spoke with one of our students, Nicole Erakovic, to find out why she chose this career, how she liked the program and what she is looking forward to in the future.   

1. Why did you choose a career of an education assistant? What was your motivation?

I chose an education assistant career because I truly enjoy helping others, especially children.  My motivation was my desire to have a rewarding career in a field where I could help children achieve various milestones and overcome challenges in their lives. I also attribute my motivation to my empathetic nature and my desire to help make a difference in someone’s life in a positive manner.  I do not have any previous experience in this field therefore it is entirely new for me, however, I was a childcare provider for nine years when my children were younger.  Having worked with children for so many years, only served to reinforce the understanding that a career in this field would be most suited one for me.

2. Why did you choose Ashton College? What were the factors that determined your decision?

I decided to take an education assistant course at Ashton College primarily because it had come highly recommended by a close friend of mine who was a student of Ashton. She, in her turn, also learnt about Ashton from her acquaintances who had been previously taking teaching assistant courses at the College. After checking out other viable institutions I decided Ashton would be the best fit for me.  I came to this conclusion mainly because Ashton College supports mature students like myself.  With all the challenges mature students often face in going back to school it is often difficult to meet the demands.  My instructor Suzanne Adams was very understanding of her students' needs and very accommodating.  I truly valued all the assistance I received in making my dreams of pursuing an education a reality.

3. Please tell us about the program you studied. What did you like most of all? What was the most challenging?

I studied the Education Assistant Program Online at the Abbotsford campus of Ashton College. I enjoyed learning new skills and how they would apply to my chosen field.  I personally found adjusting to the classroom environment, learning again and having homework to be the most challenging.  Due to the fact that I am a mature student, I have children with busy lives and work, it was difficult to juggle my schedule and still find time for my family.

4. What is your overall impression of studying at Ashton? 

My impression of studying at Ashton College was great!  I found the technology used in class very user-friendly and easy to navigate.  I would take a class there again in the future.  I really enjoyed meeting new people and the friends I made in class!  I found the faculty to be very friendly and down to earth.  They were always willing to help with any questions or concerns.  My instructor was extremely approachable and helpful and made the classes fun, interesting and provided us with many helpful resources.

5. Are you looking forward to starting your career as an education assistant? What are the most important things anybody working in this field should remember? 

I am looking forward to embarking on a career as an education assistant.  I feel it’s important for anyone considering working in this field to remember that you can make a positive impact in a child’s day, their learning experience and their life!

6. What are the essential skills and knowledge you should possess to become an education assistant? 

There are many necessary skills and much knowledge required to become an education assistant.  One of the most vital requirements as far as I’m concerned would be to enjoy working with children.  Also, some other notable skills to have would be to be able to be flexible and adapt to change, work well in a team environment, be an effective communicator and lastly have decent organizational and planning skills.  I felt Ashton College did a fine job in honing and improving these skills for myself.

7. What are you future plans and career aspirations?

I am looking forward to gaining experience working in this field.  I am excited to meet new people and learn new things everyday.  As far as my future career aspirations go, I am hoping to even further my career in this field one day!  I would be very interested in advancing my studies in school and perhaps specializing in some way in an area of interest to me.  I also enjoy writing very much and would love to write articles or books in the future!

Ashton College is currently offering an education assistant course online. Apply Now. 


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