Ashton College to Host A Virtual Immigration Pro-Bono Clinic with Industry Experts

Pro-Bono Clinic will take place virtually on September 17, 2020.

Vancouver, Canada, August 19, 2020 — Ashton College, a leading post-secondary education provider, is thrilled to be hosting another Pro-Bono Immigration Clinic on Thursday, September 17, 2020. The clinic is free of charge and will provide participants with a 30-minute consultation from industry experts.

Ashton College organizes Pro-Bono clinics to give back to the community and to help those who have less income have access to legal advice on immigration matters. The immigration process is a complex one, and while Canada is welcoming near-record numbers of immigrants to the country, navigating the process is not easy.  That is why Pro-Bono clinics are such an ideal opportunity. They bring together those who need help with those who want to provide support.

Throughout the years, Ashton College has built an expert community of immigration practitioners consisting of our faculty, partners, alumni and students. As a means of giving back to the society and providing free immigration advice to the general public, Ashton College established Immigration Pro-Bono Clinics. Anybody seeking immigration lawyer advice for themselves or their families and friends, can attend quarterly clinics online and receive a consultation on their immigration cases free of charge.

Participating Immigration Consultants include Shawn Bowden, Ron McKay, and Vitoria Correia.

A total of 12 Clients will be accepted for a 30-minute consultation regarding any immigration topic. The Clinic will be hosted over Zoom and will aim to provide guidance regarding immigration matters of any topic. Ashton College takes pride in our initiative to support local communities of immigrants.

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