Most Popular Uses for Python

Published On: February 4, 2021

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world thanks to its readability and emphasis on simplicity. The language is designed to be adaptable and highly versatile, meaning you can use it for just about anything.

If you have been taking Python learning course with the goal of earning a Python certification or working professionally in Python then you will want to know what the most popular uses of Python are, so you know what Python skills are most valued in the job market.

Web Development

Python is frequently turned to for web development and web applications. The reason for Python’s popularity in this area is that Python has robust web frameworks that help in the creation of server-side code (also known as “backend code”).  Web frameworks are not the only way to develop web applications, but they are convenient, and they provide security and scalability. Scalability means that Python’s web frameworks can reliably support your web development as it continues to grow. Python’s web framework security measures ensure that your code will remain safe from malicious attacks from cybercriminals. Simply put, Python makes web development easier for developers and delivers products that are better for users and developers alike.

Web development is a versatile skill as businesses in every industry need web developers to create and maintain their digital presence. Because web development is one of the most popular uses for Python, you will want to ensure that whatever Python training you receive, even if it is a Python for Beginners course, teaches you how to apply your Python programming skills to web development.

Data Science

Data science is a broad field that includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis and data visualization. Although Python has been around since 1991, it is still a popular choice for new and emerging technologies because the programming language was made to grow alongside the tech industry and is regularly updated in order to do so.

Part of the reason that Python is so popular in machine learning and AI is due to its expansive machine learning libraries. These libraries contain already written routines and functions which make it easier for programmers to get machines to perform complex tasks without having to write all of their code from scratch. Python’s libraries also extend to tasks involving the extraction of information, which is what makes it such a popular choice for data analysis and data visualization.

Organizations are constantly looking for new ways to collect and use data, and to automate processes. Having knowledge of Python’s extensive libraries, and how to use them for machine learning and data analysis, will open up many opportunities for you.


Python is perhaps best known for being a highly effective scripting programming. Scripting is the process of automating simple tasks to make them more efficient. Scripting is used in everything from software applications to web browsers, games and even the shells of operating systems.  If you have ever used YouTube, Instagram, Quora, Wikipedia, or Google then you have likely interacted with Python code without even realizing it.

Python Learning

There has never been a better time to start learning Python, and the best place to start is with a Python course at Ashton College. Ashton offers both a Python Fundamentals course and a Python Advanced course. These courses are designed to provide you with practical Python skills that you can immediately apply to your career. You will learn from industry professionals with years of programming experience in a live online classroom environment.

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