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  1. I kept my books in good shape and sold them after the course to make a few extra bucks. I also recommend checking coupons for groceries. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Nice video by Morgan Yates!

    You may feel like a lottery winner once you receive your student loan/pocket-money, but budget well – or you’ll be the one stuck with beans on toast all term.

    I have also found some important Cost Saving Tips for Immigrants Students.

    Moving to a new country to pursue higher education can be a daunting task, both emotionally and financially.

    The lifestyle change, expectations, and mannerisms are going to be different from your home country. Homesickness is bound to begin soon along with major expenditures.

    For those who want or need to be frugal and cost-effective with their spendings, here are some tips:

    1) Cook at home
    Unless you are planning to eat using the Saver Menu at McDonald’s, going out to eat on a regular basis can be exorbitant. The best way to save money is to shop at supermarkets like Tesco where you can get food in bulk for cheap.
    This way you can ration the food and cook at home. More importantly, making food at home is a much healthier option as well.

    2) Use public transport
    The UK has an extensive public transport system in place and one which is relatively affordable as well. The options include trains, taxis, ferries, and buses. For trains, you can get a Network Railcard for the Network Rail or an Oyster card for London Underground, also known as the Tube. You may use the traditional Taxis or Uber for travelling between Point A and Point B within a city but buses might be the best way to go when you’re on a tight travel budget. Use Megabus or CheckMyBus are useful sites to shop around. If you are trying to travel to neighbouring countries on a budget, taking a ferry would easily be one of the best ways to go.

    3) Invest in a bicycle
    If none of the options mentioned above seems attractive to you, making a one-time investment in a bicycle is the next best alternative. You will not have to worry about following a schedule, it is great for physical fitness and you can sell it to another student when you are done with your education.

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