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Michelle Andal: “An exciting career with endless opportunities!”

Published On: December 28, 2022

We love catching up with our graduates to hear about their experiences and successes! We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Michelle Andal, who graduated from our Unit Clerk Certificate program. Read on to learn who her favourite instructor was, her practicum experience, and how the program has helped her attain her new career. 

Can you tell us a little about your career experience and how you ended up at Ashton College? 

Before I decided to take the Unit Clerk Program at Ashton College I was working as a private caregiver and to tell you honestly I was getting bored with my caregiving job and wanted to have a new career in the medical field. Lucky for me I found Ashton College and from there everything worked well for me. From our online class schedule to our practicum experience. They were very helpful and guided me on every step.

Did you have any favourite instructors or memorable learning experiences?

Yes, all our instructors are very knowledgeable and well-experienced Unit Clerks. I love how they are able to share their experience with the class to give us ideas and prepare us all on what to expect and how to be good at our job.  I have the highest respect for all of them. My favourite is Tina as she always makes our class very lively and fun to learn. She made sure that everyone participates in our daily activities.

What do you love about being a unit clerk? What excites you about the field?   

I love how very in demand it is right now as most of the health authorities in the lower mainland are needing Unit Clerks. Also, you have the option of which areas/field you want to work (hospital, clinic, medicine, or mental health). What excited me is the learning experience that I’m getting from working at the ER department at RCH.

Was there anything that surprised you about the learning experience?

It surprised me how short the Unit Clerk Program was, yet it was concise and loaded with all information that we need in preparation to work in the real world.

Did the program help to improve your confidence in the workforce?  

Definitely yes, they covered mostly everything that I need to know and they were there to guide us and help us if we had any uncertainties.

Do you think the practicum was beneficial to you? Why?

Absolutely yes, extremely beneficial to me. It helped me to gain and improve my clerical skills from small things to vital tasks that needed to work as a Unit Clerk.

What was the biggest takeaway from your practicum experience?  

I gained clerical experience and improved customer service skills, which was vital for the medical field to work as a Unit Clerk.

Do you think that your practicum helped prepare you for a career as a unit clerk?

Yes, absolutely it helped me on preparing my career as a unit clerk. I’m grateful for my practicum experience as it helped me to land my job at RCH.

How has your career progressed so far?  

After finishing my program, I applied to different hospitals and various authorities in the lower mainland and fortunately I had several offers from them. But I pursued the ER department at RCH as it was my dream to work in a fast pace field. I’m currently enjoying working there and every day I’m learning new things. Also, it feels good to know that you are part of the medical field team that provides the highest care to patients.

What advice would you offer to someone who is considering taking this program?  

Do not hesitate and take the Unit Clerk program. In just six months you can have a new career. An exciting career with endless opportunities!


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