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Keep the Focus on the Important Things | Message from the Vice President

By: Ashton College

Published On: February 14, 2017

Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement to continue pursuing their long-term dreams and aspirations. In light of the February holidays, our Vice President Jane Chang shares an inspiring message with our students and alumni.

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Dear students and alumni,

On behalf of Ashton College, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Family Day and a Happy Valentine’s Day. With these two holidays so close to each other, we are once again reminded to keep our focus on the important things this year: our family and loved ones.

Many Canadians have high hopes for their own and their family’s future. Young graduates are excited to start a new chapter in their life, continuing and building up their family legacy. Newcomers to Canada are taking gradual steps to provide new opportunities and a better lifestyle for their children. Working professionals are looking forward to taking the next step in their business or career and continue growing and improving this year.

We all have different goals, dreams and expectations. Here at Ashton College, our goal is to help YOU realize your potential. We aim to provide our students and alumni with the hands-on knowledge and practical skills to exceed in their profession, so that they have the opportunity to take care of their family and focus on their future.

We are still early enough in the year to think about and commit to the resolutions that many of us have made in the beginning of 2017. Make this year count, for yourself and your loved ones.

Sincerely,web_quote marks_close
Jane Chang

Ashton College wishes you all the best on this Valentines Tuesday. And what do you love about Ashton College?


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