Made at Ashton: Alicia Cherneski

For Alicia career success means to be able to provide the best service possible to her clients, to help them identify and prioritize their financial goals and create a financial roadmap to achieve them. Since the field is constantly changing, it’s essential for a financial planner to keep abreast of these changes. That’s why Alicia came to Ashton – to continue her professional development and to be able to give the most up-to-date and valuable recommendations to her clients.

At Ashton College, Alicia enrolled in the Certified Financial Planner program that helped her improve her knowledge and build the even stronger set of skills as a financial advisor. She took the full advantage of the real-world advice provided by her experienced instructors and excelled in the certification exam. The CFP certification enabled Alicia to meet the evolving requirements in the financial services industry and to succeed in her career as a Financial Advisor at Sun Life Financial.


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