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Made at Ashton: Nancy Lee

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: October 20, 2018

A career in financial services was not something that Nancy has ever thought about while working in the health and pharmaceutical industries for many years. It was her sense of purpose and a desire to work with people helping them make right decisions that led her to Ashton College and the new exciting career path of a financial advisor. With the guidance of her instructors in the supportive learning environment, Nancy promptly acquired the skills to further her clients’ financial health and wellness.

Dealing with analytics and evaluating different options to achieve a certain financial goal comes naturally to Nancy, and that is something she takes pride in. When asked about the most important aspect of her job, Nancy answers without hesitation that it is fostering relationships with people. She always tries to learn more about her clients, get to the heart of their situations and to understand their goals in order to offer the best solution possible. Nancy's goal is to help her clients flourish in their life, and that is what she succeeds in.


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