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Made at Ashton: John Hakkarainen

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: November 5, 2018

Making financial decisions can be intimidating for most people, with lots of options to choose from and lack of knowledge of how these choices can impact one’s financial security. This is when John, the certified financial planner, comes to the rescue. CFP certification and Years of experience in the field paired with professional education help him navigate the complex financial world and guide his clients to financial success.

It all started with a keen interest in business and finances as well as with the desire to work with people to help them overcome their challenges and achieve financial goals. After 11 years of practice, John realized that experience itself was not enough and decided to take a CFP Certification Education program at Ashton College. John was looking for an open and supportive learning experience, and he found it at Ashton.

John felt at ease in the classroom environment that allowed him to benefit from interaction with other students and asking the instructors questions when he needed to. What John found most helpful in class was the instructor taking the students through multiple scenarios the financial advisors could encounter in real life. He also appreciated open discussions that facilitated viewing the situation from a lot of different perspectives.

John is currently working as a SunLife Financial Advisor and as a managing partner at JFH Insurance and Investment Services. He says, he anticipates that in the next five to ten years his firm will change dramatically. He expects the operation to more than double which will allow the company to serve more clients and at the same time provide a high level of service for the clients they currently work with.


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