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Made at Ashton: Gertrud Kertesz

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: November 28, 2018

“When you have a feeling that your career path has reached a dead end, don’t give up. Try and find out if there are any additional skills you can develop or any training that you can take to bring your career to the next level”. This is advice that Gertrud Kertesz, one of Ashton College alumni, gives to people who are looking for new ways to develop their careers and achieve professional success.

After having worked in the HR industry for several years, Gertrud realized she was ready to go an extra mile to fast-track her career growth. She decided to go back to school in order to earn a Chartered Professional of Human Resources designation that would enable her to learn more about the latest updates and trends in the field and demonstrate the commitment to continuous professional development.

Gertrud took an online Diploma in Human Resources Management program at Ashton College which provided her with a great work-life balance. She took evening classes when she got home from work and her classmates and teachers were there, ready to share their knowledge. Gertrud appreciated this online classroom experience that felt like a real one.

When Gertrud successfully completed her program, she managed to achieve the CPHR designation and to get her HR Business Partner promotion at XenCall, the tech company in Vancouver. She shares that the key to success in her profession is to become emotionally intelligent, improve the soft skills and be curious about what lights people’s souls and what makes them excited in their work.


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  1. Avril de Souza says:

    Well done Gertrud. The HR Diploma at Ashton was certainly an excellent program. Delivered with adult learning principles in mind, it encourage critical thinking and allowed one to get out of the program as much as one was willing to put in. Unfortunately, as a resident of Ontario, the program was not recognised by HRPA (for the wrong reasons sadly in my opinion as I don’t think classroom hours and a final test are anything to assess an adult education program by) and I never quite got to achieve my objectives, though I would still highly recommend the program to anyone in British Columbia.

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