Lisa Schoeberlein: “Ashton College provided the education I needed to help others with the immigration process, and make their dream come true.”

Published On: February 28, 2022

We love catching up with our graduates to hear about their experiences and successes! We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Lisa Schoeberlein, who graduated from our Immigration Consultant Diploma Program. Read on to hear about her insights, memorable learning experiences and career progression.

Can you tell us a little about your career and educational background and how you ended up at Ashton College?

Originally from Germany, I always knew I wanted to move to Canada. I started looking for a degree that would be transferable to Canada and also provided me with a challenging and rewarding career and decided to get a Master's degree in civil engineering. Today, I am registered with Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC) and work in building science and restoration, helping to make our built environment more energy-efficient. As an immigrant myself, I know how challenging the process can be to move to Canada and start fresh, and I discovered my passion for immigration law. Ashton College provided the education I needed in order to become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and to help others with the immigration process and make their dream come true.

Did you have any favourite instructors or memorable learning experiences from the program?

The module on refugees and protected persons really opened my eyes to this aspect of immigration law. Especially with international crises, I am hoping to help people in need in my future practice.

What were some things that challenged you in the program?

Due to COVID-19, classes were moved online. In a large group of 80+ students, this became challenging with both students and instructors experiencing technical issues. A particular challenge for me were group assignments that needed to be coordinated online, sometimes across several time zones.

How has your career progressed since your time with Ashton College?

I am currently preparing for the Entry-to-Practice Exam to become licensed as an RCIC. I’m looking forward to opening my own immigration consultancy while continuing to work on my engineering career.

Did taking the program help to improve your confidence in the workforce?

Job opportunities for engineers are mostly limited to larger cities and metropolitan areas. Immigration consultancy provides a unique opportunity to be able to work independently from remote locations. This gives me greater flexibility regarding my geographic location and ultimately also increases my profile on the job market in general.

What advice would you offer to someone who is considering studying at Ashton College?

It is a great experience to study from the comfort of your home.

Do you have any favourite books that you are reading right now, for fun or learning purposes?

Funny enough, one of my favourite books that I've finished reading recently is called Educated. It's the memoir of a young Mormon woman describing her relationship with education and an inspiring coming-of-age story. The book is a great read and I highly recommend it.


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