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Lilian To Bursary Winner: Dayakshi Iyer

Published On: October 20, 2014

Ashton College is pleased to announce Dayakshi Iyer as one of our four Lilian To Bursary winners for 2014.

Dayakshi Iyer

Dayakshi, also referred to as a Daya – meaning compassion in Sanskrit, was born in India; lived in New Zealand and the U.S. prior to immigrating to Toronto in 2009 with her family.

“I believe in conscious living and working cohesively with communities and the environment, to create stable foundations of growth.” – Daya

Daya holds a BA in International Development Studies from York University and is currently enrolled in Ashton College’s Diploma in Human Resources Management online program. Daya is eager to learn and absorb as much as possible. “We are in a constant state of change and I only plan to make the most of it,” Daya explains.

Daya first heard about Ashton College’s Lilian To Bursaries in 2012 from her mother. Since Daya was in the middle of completing her Undergraduate degree and studying French immersion in Chicoutimi, QC, she didn’t pay very much attention to the bursaries. “Two years later, here we are! I thought I had missed the deadline to apply, but due to a fortunate extension posted on the website, I assembled my application and submitted it in time.”

Daya admires that Ashton College supports initiatives such as the Lilian To Bursaries. “I am so grateful for having this opportunity, and to know that others like me will continue to have such chances.”

When asked if she had any advice for other newcomers to Canada, Daya responded, “Newcomers bring strength from their cultural heritage and strong work ethics to Canada. My humble advice is to be resilient and enjoy everything that Canada has to offer.”



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  1. Yonis says:

    proud of you Daya!

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