In-Class Instructors – Community Support Worker (Abbotsford Campus)

Ashton College is currently looking for engaging, interactive, confident and adaptable instructors in the Community Support Worker program. This is a contract position. The length of each contract position is determined by the length of the course that the instructor is teaching. Individuals will teach at our Abbotsford campus.


  • Prepares and facilitates learning activities (i.e. lectures, presentations, discussions, assignments, and examinations) that are designed to help students meet their learning objectives
  • Fosters a productive and collaborative learning environment
  • Interacts regularly with students and monitors course activity
  • Provides detailed feedback to students regarding their performance on all graded activities

Required Qualifications:

  • Fluent in English
  • Exceptional communicator (both verbal and written)
  • A certificate, diploma or post-secondary degree relevant to the subject matter and two years of full-time work experience in an occupation relevant to the subject matter of the course, or ten years of full-time work experience

Desired Skill Set of Instructors:

  • Experienced with facilitating or participating in meetings
  • Confident, personable and engaging presenter
  • Ability to plan engaging and interactive learning activities
  • Able to set aside adequate time to teach the course and interact with their students
  • Ability to evaluate all assignments/quizzes/exams and enter marks into our Student Information System (SIS)
  • Willingness to participate in further training in order to become an excellent instructor
  • Personable instructor who is dedicated to training young professionals

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assignments/presentations and written exams structured for community and social service workers
  • Advise students on living in group homes and half-way houses, supervise their activities and help with pre-release and release planning
  • Training and support in crisis intervention and emergency shelter services
  • Training in qualifying methods for social benefits and social assistance and pensions
  • Help to measure the effectiveness of treatment programs by tracking clients’ behavioural changes and responses
  • Guidance in specific services within the community, such as life skills workshops, substance abuse treatment programs, behaviour management programs, youth services programs, and other community and social services programs under the supervision of social services or health-care professionals
  • Referral processing to other social services and maintaining contact with other social service and healthcare providers to provide information and get feedback on clients’ overall progress
  • Coordinate the volunteer activities of human service agencies, healthcare facilities and arts and sports organizations
  • Maintain program statistics for evaluation and research
  • Assist students in locating community resources including legal, medical and financial assistance, housing, employment, transportation etc.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please submit your cover letter, resume and academic and professional credentials to immediately.