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Jenn Geddes | DHRM 2009

Published On: February 27, 2014

Graduating with a degree in HR Labour Relations in 2001, Jenn Geddes had been working in the Human Relations industry for several years before deciding to attend Ashton College, “I was very keen on making the transition from the agency type of recruiting into corporate HR.”

In order to make this transition, Geddes knew she would need to take the Certified Human Rights Professional Test of the CHRP. Geddes knew that Ashton was the right fit for her almost immediately, “When I started looking at the number of different programs out there, Ashton really stuck out because I wouldn’t have to go and ‘recreate’ the degree I already had. I could do this program in 8 or 9 months and it would give me the foundations I needed to pass the CHRP.”

Ashton was also a clear choice because of the flexible program options. Geddes could still work full-time and attend classes in the evenings. It didn’t hurt that the Ashton campus was within walking distance of her office too!

Ashton College was more than just convenient, mentions Geddes, it also offered a comprehensive HR program that would provide her with all of the essential information necessary to make her career move a successful one.

“I would say that a lot of the courses I took are useful in my day-to-day work, especially organizational development, employee relations, and compensation,” Geddes goes on to applaud the program for being more practically based than theoretical in nature.

Since graduating from Ashton College, Jenn Geddes has started a position with a software company called Ping. In her new role, Geddes is responsible for all employees within Canada and is constantly dealing with something new. “We are a very fast-growing company, being able to create programs and initiatives and to start rolling them out and being creative is something that I very much appreciate about the job. I enjoy the learning aspect the most and we are a very collaborative team.”



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