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Jeans Day at Ashton College

By: Adam Bajan

Published On: April 25, 2016

Denim. Has there ever been a more rebellious, self-expressive fabric? Not in the workplace unfortunately! In fact if you’re reading this you’re probably sitting at a desk in khaki’s or a skirt. But on Thursday, April 28th you can leave business casual at home because it’s Jeans Day!

Jeans Day is a province wide annual fundraiser hosted by the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Each year, countless sick kids all across British Columbia are admitted to BC Children’s Hospital, many with terminal illnesses. Caring for sick kids is extremely costly and that’s why the BCCHF hosts Jeans Day every April to raise funds so that kids get the level of care they deserve.

At Ashton, we believe that a good education is about more than just teaching. It’s also about giving back. That’s why Ashton will match every personal donation that you make on Jeans Day. Buy a $5 button or a $20 lapel pin, slip into your best Canadian Tuxedo and strut your stuff!

Buttons and lapel pins are available at the reception at Ashton College. If you’re feeling social media savvy, a $1000 shopping spree at Mavi Jeans is also available:

Two Twitter options (courtesy of VanCity Buzz):

  1. Tweet “Win $1000 for @mavicanada to #JeanUp for @BCCHF Jeans Day via @VancityBuzz RT to enter!”
  2. Post a picture of yourself in denim using the #JeanUp hashtag and also tag @VancityBuzz and @mavicanada.

The contest is open until 11.59pm Pacific time, April 28th 2016.

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