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Jacky Wang: “Ashton College has a big advantage by being interactive.”

Published On: October 2, 2020

With a focused background in accounting, Jacky Wang attended the University of British Columbia for his undergraduate degree. After successfully completing his course, he worked as an auditor for several years. He eventually decided that it was time to switch careers, but he wanted to choose something that was similar to his previous profession and studies. He then moved on to Queens University and completed his MBA in Finance and Strategic Management, expanding on his measured expertise in the industry. Upon completion of his MBA, Jacky found a senior position in banking and continued to seek further education in wealth management. He describes himself as a proactive and analytical financial planner with a passion for exceeding client expectations. Most recently, Jacky completed the Certified Financial Planner Certification, QAFP™ and CFP® program through Ashton College. Our communications team was able to connect with Jacky and learn all about his experiences in financing and his continual pursuit of education.

How has Ashton College helped you to dive into your field with the expertise and experience you need to succeed?

I had an amazing instructor named Becky Wong. She has tons of industry experience and provided the class with very solid training for her students. She is very knowledgeable and also runs her own financial planning practice, which is a help for students knowing that she is still practicing. I would say that following her course routines was one of the reasons why students were successful in the course.

How did you find the college as a whole?

We only had classes on the weekends, which allowed people to do things during the week. The people in the class were very nice, friendly and helpful.  Everyone helped each other and it was a really nice environment. We were all in the same industry so that helped us all out in the end as well.

What advice would you offer to someone who is considering taking the QAFP™ and CFP® course?

I think they should go ahead and take it! I have two other colleagues that have taken the same course but in different colleges and they were not offered what Ashton College has to offer. Ashton College created an opportunity for people to learn a lot more through in class experiences with a very good instructor. I think Ashton has a big advantage by being interactive towards their students.  It was a good opportunity to connect with other people in the same industry, taking the courses together or learning from one another.

What are three ways to becoming successful in your field and the program?

  1. Always be updated with the most current information, as well as the current rules and regulations
  2. Know your stuff, there are always things changing
  3. Having a strong network within the industry makes it easier when it comes to gaining more knowledge or needing help. Other people may be more of a specialist than you in various areas, which will give you tools to help your clients.

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