International Trade: Luiz’s Success Journey

Published On: February 11, 2014

Education means more than acquiring knowledge. It opens doors for individuals who crave a rewarding career, helps them achieve their professional goals, and makes them stand out from the crowd. With this belief in mind, Luiz Valerio de Paula Trindade decided to embark on an educational journey to upgrade his career.

luiz faceLuiz wanted to get his feet wet in international trade and he had always been interested in pursuing further education abroad, so he chose Ashton College’s Certificate in International Trade Program. “If a person has the opportunity to pursue his or her education abroad, the experience becomes even more powerful,” Luiz said. After reading reviews about Ashton’s Certificate in International Trade Program, he believed that the program would be a perfect fit for him. He flew to Vancouver from Brazil to complete this program and gain the knowledge that he required to take his career to the next level.

In our latest conversation with Luiz, he told us that he really liked the Certificate in International Trade Program because the program enabled him to interact and learn from with his classmates and instructors.Luiz said that “you learn not only from the program itself, but also from those interactions, and the diversity broadens my perspective.”

Luiz explained further that while the company he is working for mainly does business within Brazil, “from time to time [they] also receive business requests from foreign companies. In those cases, our Supply Manager asks for my help.”

Luiz was promoted to Marketing Manager upon returning from Vancouver to Brazil. He shared his joy with all his friends and co-workers and recommended that they take programs from Ashton College as well. “The school has a tremendous structure, a well prepared faculty team, and excellent courses.”

We are proud of Luiz and wish him much success and happiness in the future.


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