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Increase Your Job Satisfaction

By: Tamara Papo

Published On: February 6, 2015

Job satisfaction is important for every employee. Full-time employees spend more than 30% of the day at work. If you feel that you have a good relationship with your employer or employing organization, this brings a sense of connectedness without which it would be difficult to make improvements in your work. When you believe in, or at least agree with what an organization is trying to accomplish, you can align your efforts toward that objective and feel a sense of satisfaction that you are a contributing member.

Here are some steps you can take to improve your job satisfaction: People

Speak up

When you see something that can be done to improve the productivity or efficiency of your organization, do not be afraid to bring this up at a meeting or to discuss it with the appropriate administrator. Being involved in the improvement of your workplace will add to your feeling of being an integral part of the organization.

Be strategic

Structure your day by tackling tasks you don't enjoy early in the morning, so you don't dread them all day. Emphasize the tasks you do enjoy by spending more of your time and energy on them. Volunteer to work on projects that interest you.


Develop relationships with coworkers and others in the organization. Exchanging ideas and experiences can further your knowledge and skills, and also add meaning to your work. The network that you establish can also be a valuable asset as your career progresses.

Focus on Yourself

Set some self-improvement goals. Think of how you can broaden your skill-set and move toward your personal and professional goals. Take the initiative to improve your computer skills, to learn a technical skill related to your work, to improve your writing, or to become more organized and efficient. Take an active role in your career development.


Take occasional breaks throughout the day. Taking short breaks throughout the day to stretch, clear your head and re-center can lead to higher productivity than chaining yourself to your desk.

Think positively

Develop a positive relationship with your job. Not every job is a dream job, but you can learn something from every position.



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