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July 8th 3PM- 4:30PM PST Vancouver

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Enroll for Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate Program  Interactive Live Online Demo Class offered by Ashton College.

During the Demo Class you will have a chance to experience the benefits to our unique online learning style and really immerse yourself in the subject and relevant course.
Things that you will Learn:
"Refugee Law"
This course will provide an overview of the various decision makers involved in Refugee Determination as well as Inadmissible cases guides, document checklists, application forms, fees, and supporting documentation.
Students will also cover Applications for Criminal Rehabilitation, Temporary Resident Permits, and Authorities to Return to Canada.
Instructor for the Demo Session:
Adeela Alvez 

Adeela has absolute passion for the legal profession, which she exhibits by regularly contributing to this field. Her approach to the practice is client-centered. She recognizes that any successful legal representative’s client must be confident that all required work is performed in a professional manner and completed in an efficient way.
Adeela believes that in order to serve a client well she must resolve the case to their satisfaction. It is for this reason that Adeela’s clients keep coming back to her and continue referring their friends and relatives.
Adeela’s method of practice encompasses developmental procedures and logistical operations in order to maintain a successful practice, where her detail-oriented nature, as well as her keen understanding of the legal practice, has made her an accomplished Paralegal within the industry. Throughout her experience, Adeela has developed a style that can take the most complex dispositions and simplify them, resulting in successful communication with people of different views.
This is an actual class, and to get the best experience out of it, you will need to participate in class.
Please have the camera and microphone on (mute the mic while instructor is talking, and unmute it when you need to ask question or when instructor asks you a question).
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meet our instructor
      · mingle with future peers
      · experience our live online learning style
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