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Looking to take your career to the next level?

By: Janice Bandick

Published On: January 20, 2015

Consider Ashton College’s Human Resources Management Diploma (DHRM) Program!

What is the DHRM Program?

The focus of the DHRM program is developing the skills that enable individuals to build effective relationships at all levels of an organization. The program explores best practices in workforce planning, human resources development, compensation and benefits, labour relations and occupational health and safety. The DHRM follows the competency framework set out by the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations featuring technical and general skills, abilities and the knowledge necessary to effectively practice human resources in Canada.

The DHRM program is completely online and extends over a period of nine months. Webinars take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. (PST). The flexible format is perfect for busy professionals looking to broaden their skill-set and advance their careers.

Who Should Consider the DHRM Program?

Graduates of the DHRM can complement their existing knowledge and can explore alternative career possibilities as:

  • human resources administrators
  • recruitment officers
  • labour relations officers
  • training coordinators
  • health and safety specialists
  • employee benefits administrators

Individuals who do not work directly within the human resources industry should also consider the DHRM. Sole proprietors, small business owners, and those in leadership positions can complete the DHRM to:

  • expand their expertise and strengthen their soft skills.
  • learn how to make strategic decisions based on operational needs.
  • learn how to create a workplace staffing plan for the future of their business.
  • learn how to develop an organizational culture to enhance their organization’s reputation.

The Ashton Advantage

Ashton College can provide you with the skills you need to succeed. Our graduates leave prepared to thrive in their industry of choice. Don't just take our word for; check out what these DHRM grads had to say about their time at Ashton.

“I completed the DHRM online under the guidance of experienced HR professionals that had an amazing capacity to transfer their passion for the subject to their students. Every instructor had their own unique teaching style and assessment method, contributing in a very special way to helping us become holistic reflective thinkers, effective communicators, collaborative contributors and well-rounded HR professionals committed to implementing best practices and upholding the ethics of the profession.” -Avril DeSouza, 2012

“When I started looking at a number of the different HRprograms out there, Ashton really struck me as just the right fit because of the fact that I wouldn't have to go and recreate the degree that I had from years prior. I could do the DHRM program, which was only nine months long, and it would give me a foundation for the CHRP. The deciding factor was the fact that it was affordable and it was going to accelerate my learning so I could achieve my goals in a shorter time period.” -Jen Geddes, 2009

“Ashton ticked all the boxes, as it was shorter than other HR programs, it covered everything I needed to know about HR in Canada, and it gave me the level of knowledge that I needed to go and complete the CHRP designation. One of the best things about the DHRM program for me was our instructor, Dr. Wiktor Tutlewski. At the time, he had over 16 years of work experience in a global HR environment. I believe I was extremely lucky to learn from him.” – Pawan Tahilramani, 2008


The next start date for this nine-month program is January 26th, 2015. Applications are currently being accepted, but time is running out! Click here to apply today.

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