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Alumni Shruti Mathur Gets a Refreshed Start through the DRHM Program

Published On: September 16, 2020

Through Ashton College, Shruti Mathur found everything she needed to learn about human resources in Canada. With a Master’s in HR from India, she was looking for knowledge and insight into HR practices in Canada when she found the Ashton College Human Resources Management Diploma Program. She chose Ashton for three key reasons: the short program length, the accreditation by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources and the inclusion of curriculum in Canadian HR laws and standards within the course. It can be a challenge for those who have an education in another country to find the Canadian content they need to expand their career, but Ashton has a long history of providing this kind of information through a wide range of courses.

Shruti found success with Ashton and is now working full time with Success Empowerment Strategies, a management consulting firm which creates leadership strategies in coaching, courses and other resources. Ashton College sat down with Shruti to talk about her experiences in the full time course she attended from January 2020 to March 2020.

1. What were the best parts of your learning experience with Ashton College?

The curriculum was designed in a way that blends learning with practical aspects of management very well. Management is all about learning from other people’s experiences, so the fact that the class was diverse was a great learning point for everyone.

My favourite instructor was Heidi. She brought in so much more than just the curriculum. She gave us examples from her own life and those elements were really interesting and I think they kept us engaged.

One activity we had for the labour law section was a case simulation where the class was divided into two and one side was the union and one was the management. It teaches you communication skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills. I really enjoyed that simulation. Whatever we learn in theory, you have to apply it.

2. What were some challenges that you faced along your educational path?

One module we had was HR analytics and it was something very new to me. I found it interesting and challenging. I had never studied that subject before and I do wish to pursue that field of thought in the future. So that was something that was really challenging for me. The world is changing very rapidly. You can take technology for granted and HR needs to change the way they function. It’s all about evidence-based management now and analytics is key. I come from a psychology background so it was a transition for me, to looking at data. There’s so much data out there. That was the learning.

3. What are your further education goals?

I have always been interested in justice and diversity, so my long-term plans include being a diversity and inclusion specialist. It’s activated my thought process. Let’s see where it takes me.

4. Any advice for our current or prospective students?

Even if you’ve never studied human resources, I think this program is a great starting point. The curriculum is designed in a way that is great for someone like me, for whom this was a refresher course as well as for someone who’s just on the cusp of HR learning. A lot of people reached out to me through LinkedIn, inquiring about Ashton College and I would  highly recommend it to anybody who’s debating whether or not they should do it.


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