How Practicums are Arranged

How Practicums are Arranged

UC students may be placed in a range of settings, both public and private which can provide rich, diverse, and supervised learning opportunities consistent with the skills, knowledge, and abilities of a unit clerk, and with the UC Course Learning Objectives. These settings include hospital/acute care settings, home or residential care, primary care clinics, privately owned companies, ambulatory clinics, doctor’s offices and labs. Students will work with the Student Success Coordinator for placement.

  • Within two weeks of beginning the UC program, students are contacted by the Student Success Coordinator with a checklist of requirements and deadlines of information required.
  • If the practicum is through a Health Authority, the SSC will have strict guidelines to follow to have the student approved for practicum
  • The Health Authority will work with the SSC to confirm dates and placement

While we will work with you to accommodate your preferred geographical and site location for your practicum, we cannot guarantee a student’s choice of placement or the location of their practicum. We suggest students plan accordingly and well in advance regarding transportation, childcare, employment and other lifestyle arrangements in order to accommodate the likelihood of travel to their practicum.

As we are dependent on our community partnerships for the availability of placements, students are expected to be flexible regarding their assigned placement and to seek to make the most of the learning opportunity available to them. Please refer to the Student Practicum Agreement for detailed information.

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