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Holiday Donation Drive Wrap-Up

By: Tamara Reid

Published On: December 18, 2014

Many thanks to all who donated

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff, faculty, and students who generously donated to this very important cause. We received a variety of donations which included clothing, non-perishable food, beauty products, and children’s toys.

These donations were delivered to Springhouse Women’s Shelter on the evening of December 16.

The staff at Springhouse and The Bloom Group are very grateful for our support and have extended their most heartfelt thanks for the donations to Springhouse. When I dropped off the donations on Tuesday evening, the volunteer was incredibly excited to see the variety of items that Ashton College had collected. While she was looking over the items we donated as I pulled the donation boxes out of the back seat of the car and handed each one to her, she was incredibly excited and expressed how grateful she was. I told her I wished I could see the look on the child’s face when they open up a gift on Christmas morning and get a new toy to play with. I wish I could see the joy and excitement on a child’s face when they receive a gift on Christmas, after he or she thought Santa might not visit this year because he would not be able to find them at the shelter. I think these feelings of giving to the less fortunate is one of many that truly define the holiday season and warm our hearts in a way that is somewhat difficult to fully express.

On behalf of everyone at Ashton College, thank you for your contributions.


Tamara Reid

Administrative Assistant, Human Resources


What is Springhouse?

Springhouse is the only women’s shelter in Vancouver that accepts male children over age 12, which helps keep women-led families together as they find permanent housing. Children and youth receive one-on-one emotional staff support in a child-friendly environment and families are connected with community resources, including schools and clinics. Family-building activities include community kitchens, crafts, games, movie nights, reading circle, group outings and gardening. Parenting support is available to moms, including assistance accessing Ministry of Children and Families Development services.

How can you help?

For anyone who missed our donation drive, or would like to continue to donate throughout the year, you can contact The Bloom Group by clicking here.



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