At Ashton College, we acknowledge our students’ passion, hard work and dedication. The faculty and staff members of Ashton College are honoured to have been a part of our graduating students’ journey, and we are excited to see where the future leads them.

Credential Release Form

This form allows Ashton College to finalize and release the official transcript and Diploma or Certificate following your successful program completion. This form must be completed by all graduates, not just those who plan to attend the Ashton Graduation Ceremony. Please click here to access the form.

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Ashton Graduation Ceremonies

Fall 2018


November 24, 2018


1 pm – 3 pm


Aria Banquet Hall (12350 Pattullo Pl, Surrey, BC V3V 8C3)


All graduates are responsible for purchasing tickets for themselves and their guests. Graduates and guests who haven’t purchased tickets will not be permitted into the event. Ticket purchase deadline is Friday, November 9, 5:30 pm. 

Event day:

All registered students will be able to pick up their Diplomas at the venue before the ceremony. Ashton College will be providing each graduate with a gown, a cap, and a tassel. Please be sure to arrive to the venue no later than 12:30 pm to allow enough time for the preparation for the ceremony. 


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Spring 2018


April 7, 2018


The York Theatre

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Spring 2018 Graduation Ceremony – Event Photos

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Honourable speakers:

Trang Nguyen – Former  Federal Citizenship Judge

A strong believer in Canada’s diverse and inclusive society, Trang Nguyen served as
a federal Citizenship judge at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada from
2013 to 2016. She also worked as an accredited court interpreter in the BC court
system for more than 20 years.
In 2012, Trang was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in
recognition of her achievements as an anchor, host, and field reporter for Channel
M TV, Omni TV, and Fairchild Radio.
An accomplished public servant, entrepreneur, and journalist, Trang Nguyen gladly
offers her energy and experience as an instructor at Ashton College!


Dr. Daren Hancott – Campus Principal & Vice-President Academic, Yorkville University, BC

Dr. Hancott has worked in companies ranging from transportation and logistics, to
education & training. He was the mayoral candidate in the 2014 municipal election
under the Burnaby First Coalition banner, was a previous Top 40 under 40 Winner,
and a recipient of the John Sperling Teaching Award of Excellence.
His role at University Canada West included Acting Dean and Chief Administrative
Officer (CAO). Dr. Hancott is currently a Campus Provost and Vice-President
Academic of Yorkville University in BC. In addition to that, he serves on the Board
of several non-profit organizations, is a founding director of the Love and Mercy
Benevolent Society, and is a member of the BC Chamber of Commerce Policy
Review Committee.

Be persistent in acting as if it is impossible to fail. Taking your courses one at-a-time as you blazed your trail.
Pursuing your goals, unsure of the chosen path,
You kept your family near and at times endured their wrath,
For the task of dividing your severely limited time,
Questioned your choice, your dreams, many paths, considered possibly, online.

As your body tired and your eyes seemed to dim, your brain felt drained; the path you chose quietly invigorated you again.
Infused with new energy and impatience to push on, you finished another course-saw the beyond.
You questioned: Is this path a mirage or some vision more sinister.

The path you chose did not end where it should, even as you looked as far as you could, you did not, could not see every bump along the way, but plodded along day after day.
Not stopping to smell the flowers I suppose, or to reflect on the nuggets gleaned, so mechanic you became as you followed your dream. Tired, so sleepy, and some at times softly weeping, fed up, aching, frustrated, barely creeping. Along your chosen path, somehow, not knowing, with support your pace now increasing.

I doubted my chosen path along the way, maybe another would better my day.
Reaching my wits end, new boundaries extended, straining under the burden again, this unending commitment.
My family, my dear family my friends and my team, saw and experienced a similar dream, stepped in to help, shouldering my load, my body and soul, with a smile heartfelt.

As you create your masterpiece, your destiny, your life on the path you chose, remember the many challenges overcome, not this simple prose.
You chose a path, unexplored and unsure, dimly marked and lit at first and now it has ended here, the sky is aburst with boundless opportunities and behold, more paths galore;
You are more complete, your families proud, more confident with new skills and absolutely sure, that the path you chose here did deliver you more.

For more inspiration read Daren’s new book – Leadership is What?: The Importance of Vision, Integrity and Developing Others.