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Finding his Own Path | Brandon Epp

By: Alex Nikotina

Published On: December 7, 2016

There are two key areas that bring people the most satisfaction: being a contributor to a cause they care about, and making a difference in the lives of others. Brandon Epp was able to fulfill both of them through his profession in financial services.


From Passion to Purpose

Brandon always knew he wanted to be a business owner. “I have always been passionate about business and finances,” he shares. “I didn’t know exactly where my passion would lead me, but I knew I wanted to be in business for myself.”

While pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Brandon started learning more about financial planning. “It looked like a great profession, and I had both the interest and the skill set in it,” he says, smiling.

The more Brandon learned, the more excited he got about financial planning. “The most important thing for me was the fact that being a financial adviser meant working with people and making an impact in their lives.”

“Knowing that my work could change lives and help others motivated me to learn more and grow in this new career.”

Now, Brandon is an Associate Financial Planner with McCurdy Financial. “McCurdy Financial is one of the top independent financial planning firms in Canada,” says Brandon. “I’ve been with them for over four years now, and am excited to continue my contribution.”

You Never Stop Learning

A high achiever, Brandon was always determined to pave his own path to success.

“I knew that I needed to work hard to become successful, but hard work never scared me. I believe that hard work prepares you for the future opportunities and challenges that you will inevitably face in your profession.”

“In any profession, it is important to have the skill set, experience or people in your corner to help you along the way,” adds Brandon. “You never stop learning and growing.”

For Brandon, his learning started with life insurance. “I took on the Life Licence Qualification Program at Ashton College back in 2009,” says Brandon. Having gotten his LLQP licence, Brandon felt more equipped and prepared for his profession. But he knew this would not be the last designation he would be pursuing.

“For every respected financial services professional, getting their Certified Financial Planner designation is a must,” shares Brandon. “I knew I would come back to Ashton College to help me study for it.” And he did, coming back in 2013 to take the CFP Capstone course.

Opportunities Come with People

BrandonCurrently, the most important thing for Brandon in his career is continuing to impact people. “The best part of my day is talking to my clients: hearing their stories and finding the best solutions for them. My goal is to find out what their goals are and where they want to go – and once I do that, help them get there.”

“Of course, I also want to grow my business and to continue growing in my career,” says Brandon. “But from my experience, success comes with people. If I can make a difference in the lives of others, then that in itself is incredibly rewarding.”

When asked to give advice to other students, Brandon says to take advantage of the opportunities that people have access to. “I think that people underestimate the power of networking and connecting to people,” shares Brandon.

“I look at education not only as a way to gain knowledge, but also an opportunity to build connections with the people in the industry,” says Brandon.

“I learned a lot from my instructors and fellow students who work in the industry as I listened to the examples and real client cases that they shared,” he adds. “The more people you talk to, the more opportunities you hear about, and the more doors can open in front of you.” A great mindset indeed.


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