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Find Success and Do What You Love: 2016 Lilian To Bursaries for Immigrants

By: Rica Zara

Published On: April 19, 2016

One of the biggest challenges Canadian newcomers have to face is obtaining a recognized Canadian credential or education needed in order to work in their chosen career. But with education fees and tuition costs amounting to an often significant amount, many immigrants just do not have the option of pursuing their education. This leads to less than ideal “Plan B's” such as settling for low-paid jobs requiring little education that fall outside of their field.

Ashton College, in partnership with Canadian Immigrant Magazine, has been offering the Lilian To Bursaries for new Canadian immigrants since 2005. Together, we have provided opportunities for the winners over the years to pursue their chosen careers.

Melissa Briones, a 2013 Lilian To Bursary award winner completed the Diploma in Human Resources Management in 2014 and credits Ashton College for getting her one step closer to her dream.

“My Ashton education gave me a really good base for applying my knowledge in the field, and I’m really glad that the company I’m working at recognized my legal background and allowed me to incorporate the legal side of HR into my position. I’m very happy I got into this industry; and I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the help of Ashton.”



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