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Excited to Make an Impact | Thuy Tran

By: Alex Nikotina

Published On: September 30, 2016

It took Thuy Tran a few years to find how she could make an impact. But once she found her passion, she pursued it with all her enthusiasm, perseverance and dedication.

For Thuy, making an impact meant guiding people through the immigration law as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and an IMCD instructor at Ashton College.

Career Decisions

Thuy TranGrowing up, Thuy had a lot of careers in mind that she could get into. “I was considering a wide range of careers, from a tennis player to a teacher,” she says, laughing. When it was time to make a decision, Thuy decided to go into media and communications; but soon after her undergraduate program she changed her mind.

“I landed a job with broadcasting network in Ontario, but soon realized I wanted to make a difference in another way. I was looking for something more.” Thuy then made a decision to go into the legal field and started working in a law firm as a legal assistant. “I knew I needed training and experience in the field, and legal assistant work was the perfect foot in the door for me. It also led me closer to my goals.”

Thuy’s life goal has always been to make a difference. “I wanted to make my own decisions, and I wanted to give back,” she shares.

Finding Her Passion

Her passion behind the desire to make a difference goes back to her family roots. “My parents dedicated their whole lives for me and my siblings, working day and night to make ends meet. During the tough times of the Vietnam War, my parents escaped to Hong Kong, and later we came to Canada as refugees in the 1990s.”

Her parents’ story has inspired Thuy to look into a career that would help her make a significant impact on others. “This is why I want to help people find a pathway to a better future here in Canada – the same way my family did for me,” shares Thuy.

“The Vietnam War left my parents with nothing. Whenever I am reminded of my parents’ sacrifices, I aim to work harder in my career to assist those in need – individuals whose stories are similar to that of my family.”

It is from this context in which Thuy developed empathy for immigrants. “The more I worked in the legal field, the more I wanted to help people navigate through the various bureaucratic processes.” When her two passions aligned, Thuy knew exactly what she needed to do. As a result, she found her own consulting company, Tran Immigration Consulting.

“Now I can combine my passion, leadership skills, and legal work experiences to provide tailored services to my clients, both domestic and international,” she shares.

“I believe I can truly change the lives of the clients I represent and the communities to which they eventually assimilate.”

Sharing Her Passion

Thuy now focuses on assisting her clients through the immigration process, working especially closely with the international students. “Immigration law has become a strong passion of mine, and I’ve had the privilege of being an Immigration Consultant for the last six years,” she shares.

But for Thuy, this is not the only way to make an impact. “I’ve always had the skills for teaching and public speaking, and I’ve never forgotten my desire to get into the teaching field.” With that in mind, Thuy joined Ashton’s faculty as an Immigration Consultant Diploma instructor. “Helping young professionals get their knowledge and experience is a great way to give back and make an impact.”

“During my studies I received great mentorship from my instructors. I am hoping to have a similar effect on my students and infuse them with the knowledge, enthusiasm, vigor and critical thinking skills necessary to become successful immigration consultants.”

Big Plans for the Future

Thuy Tran“I just got married!” shares Thuy with excitement. Life is getting a new and exciting turn for Thuy, but she is not planning to slow down. “I am a workaholic, and my husband also has a very demanding career. I am excited for my newlywed life, and I am just as excited to dedicate my time into my business and teaching, and my husband is very supportive of that.”

Thuy’s excitement, passion and positive attitude are truly contagious. “My days start with coffee – always coffee first; but no day is ever the same, and I really enjoy it. At the end of the day, I always aim to succeed in what I do and make a difference in someone’s life – even if it is just one person.”

“For me if my work leads to a positive result or I am able to make someone’s day, then I believe I succeeded.”


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