5 thoughts on “Employment vs Entrepreneurship: Choosing the Right Path

  1. I have done Health and Safety up to a Postgraduate level of studies coupled with an MBA. I now work for the Government as an Assistant Manager but the passion for being an entreprenuer is within me. I am afraid of losing benefits of job security and lots of money should it not work to my favour since I have 2 teenagers and am married. I seem to work for nothing at present moment which is why I also think of switching off and put my dormant company on business to try my fortune. I am a hard worker and a good communicator.

    Will this plan help me or destroy me?

  2. I am just a under graduate student.
    i am planing to start my company within 2 months .
    i have no experience.
    but i ll start it.

    my advice is “twenty years from now you will be more disappointed with the things you did not do,then the things you did”

    if you start a company
    you can win.
    you can get an experience(startups never give 100% loss)

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