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Emigrants from India choose Canada

By: Ronda Payne

Published On: July 6, 2020

Canada has become a top immigration destination for people leaving India. In fact, with changes to Canadian immigration policies designed to bring more skilled workers and residents to Canada, the volume of India’s emigrants coming to Canada has increased dramatically. India is at the top of the list of source countries of Canadian immigrants with 69,973 in 2008, which is nearly double the next source country’s volume and an increase of about 35% over 2017’s numbers. 

Why are Indians leaving India?

There are a wide range of reasons people are leaving India for other countries. One of the first reasons is for better work and pay which may also lead to another top reason: a better lifestyle and living conditions. Employment to satisfy the wants and needs of Indians can’t always be found in their home country, so many seek to emigrate for more opportunities. If those from India are able to emigrate and advance their career, they can achieve a higher salary and potentially improve the home they have, the neighborhood they live in and the overall experience for their family. 

There are also regions where an over-abundance of population makes living conditions challenging in India. Many people in the same area means they are all competing for jobs, housing, transit and even food and recreation opportunities. It can also be a contributor of poor health through air pollution and increased crime. As the populations in these areas of India grows, so too will the increase in emigrations from those areas. Moving to a less densely populated area will be attractive to many individuals.

There is an advantage in so many people emigrating from India to come to Canada. A large number of individuals who have taken an immigration consulting program and are familiar with refugee immigration law and tribunal immigration law have set up their practices to specifically help those coming from India. 

Why Canada?

Just as the reasons for leaving India vary, so too do the reasons for choosing to immigrate to Canada. Perhaps a top reason currently is that immigration is in higher demand by the Canadian government than ever before, therefore making the opportunities to be selected to apply for immigration that much higher for those interested. In 2020, the planned level of permanent resident additions to Canada is set at 341,000 (though levels will likely be lower than anticipated due to COIVD restrictions), for 2021, the level is set at 351,000 and for 2022, it’s even higher at 361,000. 

Canada is looking to attract the highest number of immigrants through the economic immigration categories which will help offset aging work forces, fill the lack of skilled labour in certain markets and regions and meet the growth demands of various industries. This is important to note because a number of sectors (such as technology and healthcare) are growing significantly with municipal, provincial (or territorial) and federal support. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of skilled labour for these growing sectors and that means those who want to immigrate to Canada who bring these skills will be valued. 

Another reason Canada has become more attractive is because of the Trump administration’s increased restrictions on immigration to the United States in recent years. For those who want to be part of North American companies and lifestyles, the best choice has become Canada given the difficulty entailed in getting a green card south of the border. This is fortunate for Canada because, as noted previously, professional engineers, scientists and trades people are in high demand in many regions throughout the country. Emigrants from India may be able to secure employment before ever setting foot in Canada which will give them more security and comfort in their new home as they go through what is an incredibly significant change. 

Some individuals will come to Canada for one job, yet have dreams of starting their own business and it’s fairly easy to start a service-based business for Canadian permanent residents and citizens. Many will go through the immigration consultant diploma program because they know what the immigration experience entails and want to help others make the process easier. Ashton College is one education institution that offers an immigration consultant diploma program as well as refugee immigration law and tribunal immigration law courses that are geared to those who have immigrated to Canada. 

Reuniting with family is another reason many people are leaving India to come to Canada. Since the 1960s, emigrants from India have been becoming Canadian permanent residents and citizens and the number of family members wishing to reunite on Canadian soil is always growing. Keeping families together is a high priority for the government of Canada when it comes to immigration because it is one of the key factors that makes an immigrant’s experience in their new country more successful and positive.

The post-secondary education system is yet another factor in the increased number of immigrants coming from India to Canada. With an enviable number of colleges and universities at a high level of standing, international study has become more attractive than ever before. With a great number of programs in science, engineering and healthcare as well as trades, those who come from India to study in Canada will find the experience more affordable and may also decide to permanently settle in the country after living here during their studies. This too may lead to fellow family members coming to Canada as permanent residents in subsequent years through family immigration programs. 

Finally, as mentioned previously, due to the volume of immigrants coming to Canada, the market for those who have taken immigration consultant diploma programs, refugee immigration law and tribunal immigration law is large. These programs and courses are available at schools throughout Canada and can create a new career for a potential immigrant. Many who have come to Canada from India have successfully taken post-secondary training and achieved fulfilling careers or even started their own growing and thriving businesses. 

India is a leading source of immigrants coming to Canada. There are many opportunities for those who choose to immigrate and the nation will benefit from all of the skills, experience and enthusiasm that new immigrants bring. 


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