December 14th, 2020  

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm  PT

Education Assistant Diploma Program Demo Class

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Register for our upcoming Education Assistant Diploma Program demo class with instructor Aneta Stolba.

The Education Assistant Course provides students, who are working with individuals and their disabilities, with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective in real-life educational settings. This program focuses on the most prevalent disabilities and their developmental, functional and educational impacts on an individual. The goal of the program is to fully equip and prepare students to work with individuals with special needs using various support and educational strategies to aid their learning. 

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Meet the Instructor: Aneta Stolba

Aneta has a Bachelor’s in Adult Education and Digital Technology and is in the process of acquiring a Masters in Education. As part of her recent research, Aneta developed an employer centered educational program for the North Shore Connexions Society that aims to improve employment opportunities for individuals with special needs. Her other research interests include digital technologies in special education and social skill supports for adults with autism. 

Aneta has a comprehensive background in teaching, as she has worked as a Kindergarten teacher, education assistant and adult educator over the last 25 years. The focus of her educational experience in recent years has been in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Since 2012, Aneta has worked for the West Vancouver School District as an Education Assistant, where she designed and implemented individualized learning plans for students with autism. 

Aneta’s teaching philosophy is to empower students by creating a welcoming and supportive learning environment. She follows a learner-centered teaching approach that encourages students to be actively engaged in their studies and reach their full potential. 


Live Online Demo Class on Adobe Connect:
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