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Diversity and Inclusion Training: How It Helps Your Career and Business

Published On: October 29, 2020

Diversity and inclusion training is becoming crucial for professionals working in human services and HR careers. It’s not uncommon for employers to list a diversity and inclusion certificate as a requirement for potential employees now. Of course, it may still be unclear to you what diversity and inclusion training entails, and how it actually helps your career or your business. Read on to discover exactly what diversity and inclusion is, and why it’s become so important in the professional world.

Diversity and Inclusion training

Ashton College’s Diversity and Inclusion Training Certificate course is designed to give students the insight to solve complex diversity issues that can arise at the workplace. With modern workplaces being more diverse than ever before, it’s important to have an employee who can see the workplace through the lens of the employer as well as each unique employee. While issues can arise from our differences, individuals with diversity and inclusion training can successfully resolve conflicts of this nature and help set up a work environment that feels inclusive for everyone.

When an HR specialist has diversity and inclusion training, they can ensure that people of all communities, including LGBTQIA2S+, people with disabilities, different religious beliefs, and others, feel safe and included in the workplace., Diversity and Inclusion certified individuals are capable of identifying and initiating change for a healthier work environment.

Better for Business

To understand why having an employee with a diversity and inclusion certificate is important, first we must look at the benefits that diversity brings to a business. There are several studies that point to a diverse workplace being more effective than a uniform one. A study by Harvard Business Review found that diverse teams solve problems faster than a more homogenous team. Research conducted by Josh Bersin in 2015 points to diverse teams being more innovative, and a Boston Consulting Group study from 2017 showed that businesses with diverse leadership earned revenues 19% higher than their less diverse counterparts.

It’s clear that a diverse workplace leads to a better business, but you can’t simply throw a group of individuals with nothing in common into an office space and expect lightning to strike. HR specialist with diversity and inclusion training are necessary to guide a workplace and channel that diversity into productivity. Left to their own devices, a diverse group of employees may lose out on productivity due to conflicts arising from their differences. A properly trained HR specialist can easily diffuse conflicts of this nature and ensure the workplace remains on track and safe for everyone.

Better for Your Career

When looking to advance your career, it’s important to invest in education and training that is relevant in the current economy. Diversity and inclusion certification is certainly relevant in the modern economy. As we have discussed, diversity is a key factor in growing the success of a business and the demand for workers who can understand and guide that growth is only increasing.

Entering into a diversity and inclusion training certificate course will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge to become a key part of the management structure at any business. The opportunities available for a diversity specialist are plentiful, and there are numerous opportunities for growth and innovation within the field. Staying on the cutting edge of diversity and inclusion practices will ensure your relevance in the job market for years to come.

Whether you’re an HR specialist, human services worker, or in any sort of management position, a diversity and inclusion certificate is the perfect next step in your career. Register for the next Diversity and Inclusion Training Certificate Course at Ashton College today!


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