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Friday June 26 - 4PM – 5:30PM  PST Vancouver

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Register for Organizational Effectiveness and Strategy Interactive Live Online Demo Class offered by Ashton College.
This class is a part of Human Resources Management Diploma Program offered Live Online at Ashton College
During the Demo Class you will have a chance to experience the benefits of our unique online learning style and really immerse yourself in the subject and relevant course.
Topics to be covered in the class:
Organizational Effectiveness and Strategy
Organizational effectiveness applies the principles of lean management, change management and strategic human resources to assess the effectiveness of an organization’s processes, and recommend interventions that will build the organization’s capacity to achieve and sustain a desired capability.

This course integrates business and corporate strategy with elements of strategic human resources management. It challenges the role of HR professionals to move beyond HRM foundations to strategic heights.  

In the Class we will:

1.    Discuss human rights and the prohibited grounds for discrimination  
2.    Explain the purpose and methods of recruitment.
This is an actual class, and to get the best experience out of it, you will need to participate in class.
Please have your camera and microphone on (mute the mic while instructor is talking, and unmute it when you need to ask question or when instructor asks you a question).
Attend Ashton College Human Resources Management Diploma Program Demo Session to:
·       Meet our instructor
·       Mingle with future peers
·       Experience our live online learning style

Instructor for the Demo Session: 
Jabeen Boga 




Jabeen Boga is an online instructor for Ashton’s Diploma in Human Resources Management program. She has taught a wide variety of HR modules, including Organizational Effectiveness and Strategy, Employee and Labour Relations, Organizational Learning, and Development and Training.
Jabeen Boga is an experienced human resources professional with close to ten years of experience across a wide variety of Human Resources functions. This includes possessing a Certified Human Resources Designation with responsibility over offices that span across the Pacific region. Jabeen has worked for some large organizations, including KPMG and TD Bank, and is currently employed at a large engineering firm.
As a recipient of HRD Canada’s 2015 Rising Star Award, she is excited to share her experience and passion towards the field of Human Resources with you!

Live Online Demo Session on Adobe Connect:
All the registered participants will get an invitation and link to join the session through email.