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Digital Design and Marketing

Digital Design and Marketing | Ashton College

Ashton College’s Digital Design and Marketing programs teach students the skills they need to thrive as UX/UI designers and digital marketers.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are integral to a consumer’s online experience. By teaching students how to combine graphic design principles with analytical skills, Ashton College helps students find work in one of the most in-demand digital fields.

Digital marketing entails almost every aspect of an organization’s online presence.

Career Opportunities

All businesses operating in the digital space need professionals for marketing and UX/UI. Graduates of the Digital Marketing program will be able to find work in marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams as a digital marketing specialist, content strategist, content marketer, SEO specialists, or social media specialist. Graduates of the UX/UI Designer program will be able to work as UX/UI designers, visual designers, and graphic designers in a variety of different industries.

Digital Design and Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Certificate (In-Class and Online)

The Digital Marketing Certificate program provides fundamental and specialized knowledge of digital marketing principles and practices.

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Certificate in UX Design (In-Class and Online)

The UX Designer program teaches students the skills they need to design UX for professional organizations.

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