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Digital Design and Marketing

Digital Design and Marketing | Ashton College

Ashton College’s Digital Design and Marketing programs teach students the skills they need to thrive as UX/UI designers and digital marketers.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are integral to a consumer’s online experience. By teaching students how to combine graphic design principles with analytical skills, Ashton College helps students find work in one of the most in-demand digital fields.

Digital marketing entails almost every aspect of an organization’s online presence. We teach students industry best practices through our OMCP-accredited program, so they can successfully work as part of a digital marketing team. The program fulfills the OMCP’s education requirements for their OMCA and OMCP certifications for digital marketers.

Career Opportunities

All businesses operating in the digital space need professionals for marketing and UX/UI. Graduates of the Digital Marketing program will be able to find work in marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams as a digital marketing specialist, content strategist, content marketer, SEO specialists, or social media specialist. Graduates of the UX/UI Designer program will be able to work as UX/UI designers, visual designers, and graphic designers in a variety of different industries.

Digital Design and Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Certificate (Live Online)

The Digital Marketing Certificate program, accredited by OMCP, provides fundamental and specialized knowledge of digital marketing principles and practices.

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Certificate in UX Design (Live Online and In-Class)

The UX Designer program teaches students the skills they need to design UX for professional organizations.

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