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Continuing Professional Development (CPDs)

CPD Seminars and Digitally Delivered CPDs

Regulated occupations in Canada require professionals to complete a set number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours to continue their membership. Maintain your full-status membership and receive more than just CPD hours with Ashton College. Experience a higher level of learning and benefit from a lineup of relevant and timely topics, presented by distinguished experts. All seminar topics are intended to be broad spectrum so that the speaker can discuss relevant issues that can apply to your career.

Flexible Attendance Options

CPDs from Ashton College are delivered in-person and digitally. In-person seminars are conducted throughout the year in Vancouver, BC. Digital seminars are delivered LIVE online with the latest webinar technology, allowing you to connect to the speaker and your fellow attendees for an immersive, interactive learning experience. Our LIVE online sessions are also recorded and are available as a recorded video for convenient viewing.

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